About Metavic


Since1982, Metavic’s designers have been developing, manufacturing, testing and distributing logging equipment of excellence throughout Quebec, the Maritimes and the United States―powerful, robust and durable tools. Log loaders for tractor and ATV, log loaders for truckharvester heads… all of our products stand out for the high quality of their materials, their assembly and their ergonomic features. Each one of them is aiming for an objective that has motivated and guided us from the very first day: to provide you with maximum enjoyment when working in your forest.


At Metavic, we have only one motto: to have fun creating enjoyment in the forest. For us, it comes naturally. We love the forest, we love to work and to spend most of our free time there. Our knowledge of the woods has led us to find optimal solutions to meet the true needs of workers and forest enthusiasts.

Flagrant evidence that we are hooked on the outdoors is that our R&D department is located in our own forest land. Our research centre is nature itself, where we invent and test the best logging equipment in Quebec, no matter what the weather.


1971: Entrepreneurial origins
Born into an ingenious and enterprising family, Émile Guillemette started his own company with the help of his wife, Cécile Gouin. At the beginning, the company specialized in small mechanical repairs. Over the years, other services were added: the repair, design and manufacturing of agricultural machinery.

1982: Conquering the forests
Mr. Guillemette felt the need to innovate and surprise the competition with a breakthrough product for his forestry clientele. This is how the first log loader saw the light of day, setting off a period of dramatic growth for his business.

1993: Specialization in logging
The company took the name of Conception Metavic, dedicating itself from this point on to the design and manufacturing of logging equipment and log loader truck trailers.

2001: The younger generation rolls up its sleeves
Conception Metavic was passed on to the next generation. Steeve and Martin Guillemette, both sons of the founding couple, took over the reins of the company with heart and talent.

The company has some momentum up, and one new stakeholder looking for a challenge have joined Steve and Martin. Yohann Simard is a businessman with a background in management. Together, the three of them have a range of expertise that cannot help but keep Metavic moving forward.

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