Are you looking for a loader,
a splitter OR a winch?

You’re in the right place! Click here to locate a Metavic dealer near you. From Victoriaville to Rimouski, in Sherbrooke, Chicoutimi, St-Jérôme, Vermont or even in Nova Scotia… Metavic log loaders, splitters and winches are distributed at more than 20 specialized dealers throughout Quebec, the Maritimes and the United States!

      Are you looking for a truck trailer (wheeler) or a harvester head? Call Metavic!

      photo_tete_wheeler remorque forestière pour camion

      Please be informed that Metavic’s truck trailers (wheelers) and harvester heads are not sold by our dealers. They are provided directly at our plant. If you are looking for one of these two products, contact our experts directly. It’s as simple as that!