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Since a cylinder is a lot stronger pushing than pulling, and we want strength to lift and not to dig like an excavator, it is simply logical to put the cylinders under the boom. In addition, by putting them under the boom, it makes the boom more rigid.

On the trailer because it’s less damaging and a lot more stable. If the winch is placed on the boom and pulls on it, the traction can be strong enough to damage the column and increase the risk of the loader being overturned.

The double crossbeam structure is a lot more rigid and versatile. It can transport several log lengths without any problem and allows for major additions on the trailer, for example safety bumpers on the wheels and a hydraulic winch.

This makes it possible to have hoses that are not as long to be changed in the event that they get caught or damaged, and the steel hoses allow for cooling of the hydraulic oil, which greatly reduces the risk of performance loss caused by overly hot oil.

Each of these two types has advantages, and we make both kinds, but we favour the butterfly model because it provides greater stability and is safer.

The main reason is that this system allows for greater reach on the column post, therefore making the base and the loader more rigid. In addition, it is less expensive to maintain and easy to adjust.

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